Among 60 countries, 50 million dead at Second World War, why did it happen? From the history of World War II, we are starting to see the possible scenario of 3rd world war today.

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In 1918, as the result of World War I, German lost 20 years’ worth of GNP (132 billion Mark), colonies and Ruhr industrial area.

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German government continued to print money to pay for penalties, then the inflation occurs, and price of goods in Germany become 1 trillion times more.

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Economic depression caused fascism to raise from Germany and Italy.

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In 1929, economic bubble burst in the United States, triggering Great Depression. England and France activate block economy. On the contrary, Germany, and Italy without any colony become distressed, and made them invade new territory.

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In 1933 Hitler become the leader and break Treaty of Versailles. In 1938, Austria became protectorate then Czechoslovakia a year after.

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Germany promised England and France that Sudetenland is the last territory expansion at Munich Agreement. People of UK praised prime minister Chamberlain for avoiding the war.

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Czechoslovakia was a well-developed country in manufacturing and defense industry. German army increased their power and marched into Poland.

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In 1940 from April to June, German conquers Denmark, Norway, Holland, Belgium, France. Italy also declares the war against England and France.

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Churchill becomes the prime minister of England, fight back hard. German having difficulties then goes on Russia 1941, June.

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Japan distressed from Asia’s block economy, then goes on invading new territory, which becomes China-Japan wars in 1937. In 1940, September, Germany, Italy, and Japan allies, then invade French colony Indochina. The United States bans oil export to Japan, triggered the Perl Harbor Attack on December 8th, 1941. Germany, Italy, and Japan as core allies, The United States, England, and Russia stands on the other side to fight. Over 60 countries joined in the war.

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The politically distressed country goes to invade of new territory. Is this a sign of World War 3? Can we draw a scenario?

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North Korea invades South Korea. The United States and Japan join the war as allies. If China and Russia support North Korea involving other Asian countries, world war begins.

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While the U.S. is busy handling Korea, middle eastern terrorist groups become active, starts terrorist activities around the world, involving Europe.

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Israel, protecting their own country, bombs Iran and Syria. Middle eastern countries stand on fights, becoming the world-wide war.

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Today, when and if World War begins, nuclear war is not avoidable. Not only each country gets destroyed, but what will happen to the earth?

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